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November 22, 2009

200 Posts

I'm very proud of myself.  I'm not one who usually toots his own horn, but when I started this blog on July 18, 2009, I thought this might be yet another in a long list of blog start-ups by me that usually end up going by the wayside.  I think this is my 3rd or 4th attempt (if you count me trying to do notes on Facebook, anyway).  Two of them died very quick deaths.  One of them didn't die a quick death, but a long, slow, meandering one (my Livejournal account, and why do I keep typing that as "Liverjournal?") where I blogged for a little while, stopped for a year, started up again, then stopped again.  I have a lot of trouble sticking to things, and I figured this one would be the same thing.

I was determined, though.  

Determined that this one wouldn't die like the others.  There have been a couple of times where I went a couple of days without having any idea what to write about, which is usually the beginning of the end.  Thankfully, something would come up that would spark a post.  Either that, or I'd resort to posting videos for your enjoyment.  Yeah, that's kind of lame, but it kept me going when at times I would have stopped.

Basically, I never thought this blog would reach 50 posts, much less 200 as it did with my last one.  Two hundred posts in four months and change.  Not too bad, overall.  I find I really am enjoying it, and I hope you are getting something out of it too.  The traffic isn't too heavy, but I get my fair share of browsers happening by because they've been unfriended on Facebook or who are interested in 80s one-hit wonders (it's amazing how many of those I get).  There was the deluge of traffic I got when I mentioned Clay Aiken or complimented Alan Rickman (it's amazing what one fan posting a link on a discussion forum can do).

I do want to thank my cousin Karen, whose blog "Walking the Borderline" I read every day.  It was during a family visit where we were talking about Twitter, blogging, and the like that she mentioned her blog and it got me thinking back to my long-dead blogs.  She gave me the inspiration to start doing this (though two more different blogs you'll never see together at the same time!)  Also thank you to my few regular readers as well as those of you who just stop by for a coffee and a readthrough.

No, I won't be doing this every 200 posts.  This is just kind of a personal milestone for me, because it celebrates me sticking to something when I rarely stick to anything (says the guy with over 2300 tweets).  Maybe when I reach 1000.


  1. You are welcome. I'm proud you stuck this out and I will be around when you reach 500 then 1000 then 2000.

    Oh! And your readers, or at least I, demand more rat updates and pictures. Please?

  2. I will see what I can do about the rat posts. LOL But I don't interact with them that much, so it might be a little time.

    And thanks for sticking by me, too.


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