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March 27, 2010

One Hit Wonders of the 90s (Part 7) - Coming Home Edition!

Hello, dear reader. I have a favour to ask you. The original post begins after all of the asterisks, if you want to skip this.

Now that the One Hit Wonders of the 90s series is over, I'm not going to be doing my weekly revisiting of all these posts (I had to do that to add the new post to the bottom). Thus, I won't be able to catch any broken picture links or deleted videos any more. Yet I want these posts to be as good as possible.

Please, if you happen upon one of these posts, or if you take a walk through a whole bunch of them, let me know if you find anything that doesn't work. You can leave a comment, or you can send me a message using that handy "Contact Me" page linked above.

Also, feel free to let me know what you think of the post or any of the videos!

Thank you.


What's this?  A one-hit wonders post appearing on a Saturday?  No, I'm not insane.  Tomorrow's a travel day, so it's today or not one this week at all.  My adoring fans are quite demanding, actually. It's a good sign, but it can be stressful at times.

You know what happens if I miss a week.

So I'm pretty much obligated to do so.

Let the cheers commence.

That takes me back to my Differential Equations class in college.

Yes, once again we have the one-hit wonders of the 90s. The next installment of the seemingly endless (and definitely monotonous) list of the greatest music artists of the decade...who only had one hit. Think you've never heard of these people before? Hello, there's a reason they only had one hit! If you've heard of them, then they wouldn't be doing their job.

As always, the master list I'm taking these from can be found here.

Hey, you in the back! No peeking ahead of time! Or I'll get the ruler out...don't think I won't.

Here we go!

1) Lisa Fischer: "How Can I Ease the Pain?" (#11)

Wow, some of those high notes made my friends' dog howl...and they live 10 miles away! Not a bad song, but it really got repetitious at the end there. It's like the song was written, it was short, and they just said "ah, just repeat the words again and again." I have an image of a director making the "stretch" sign to the song-writers.

Still, not a bad way to start.

2) Marc Cohn: "Walking in Memphis" (#13)

Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis

Ryan Kifer's Videos | MySpace Video

Cool, another ode to Elvis! And really, can there be too many odes to Elvis?

Ok, it's not *all* an ode to Elvis. It's actually an ode to the entire city, and it's quite moving in that respect. Cohn's gravelly voice really adds punch to it too.

Now if he just wasn't so scruffy-looking, it would be a perfect video!

3) Steelheart: "I'll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)" (#23)

Yay! Another hair band hitting it big with a ballad instead of a head-banging song! Wow, I know I'm surprised.

Ok, kind of a ballad, anyway...

Can they ever hire women for these videos who can do more than look bored? Get one of the groupies! They can't act, but at least they're interested!

This song is just like any other heavy metal band doing a "soft" song, with nothing really to distinguish it (he even has the screeching down pat!). That's probably why it's the only song that made it over onto the regular charts. And then they took their hair with them and were never heard from again.

Unless you went looking for them anyway. You might have needed a bloodhound for that, though.

4) Yo-Yo: "You Can't Play With my Yo-Yo" (#36)

I have a bad feeling about this....

It's rap.

'Nuff said

5) David A. Stewart (introducing Candy Dulfer): "Lily Was Here" (#11)

I love this song! It's probably one of my favourites from the early 90s.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good sax, and Dulfer provides it here. Stewart, of course, is from the Eurythmics. Together, they make some truly wonderful music here. Nothing to make fun of (ok, the movie the song is from looks incredibly bad from the snippets shown here, but that's it).

It's just a great song that I have to get for my iPod soon.

6) Keith Washington: "Kissing You" (#40)

More soul! The early 90s seems to be the era of "one-hit wonder soul music." Not sure why that is, though. At least Washington didn't form a group and try to be Boyz II Men. That would have been annoying.

Washington does have a great voice, and I can imagine the ladies swooning over it. Too bad so many swooned that he didn't have an audience for his next single! Too much of a good thing can be detrimental to your career's health, you know.

7) Corina: "Temptation" (#6)

We're flashing back to the 80s now!

Do we really need somebody in a cat suit? Who doesn't look *good* in it?

Temptation is a part of life, eh? Well, I'm tempted to turn this song off. Hahahahahaha!

Sorry, channeling Statler & Waldorf for a second there.

This one actually isn't that bad, but I am definitely getting 80s flashbacks from it. Which can be worse than acid flashbacks.

Or so I've been told. *ahem*

8) Desmond Child: "Love on a Rooftop" (#40)

Wow, singing on a rooftop for a song called "Love on a Rooftop." How original! I wish I had thought of that...

I don't know what he's whining about. Everybody knows that married people don't have sex. You'd think he would have heard that! Though they might if they didn't waste so much time with dramatic poses...

Again, this isn't a bad song, but it kind of mixes in with all the other lovers' laments that make it to the Top 40 charts as well and doesn't have that much to distinguish it.

Maybe he has more time for other things now and he can stop whining about it.

9) 3rd Bass: "Pop Goes the Weasel" (#29)

Why am I apprehensive here?

Wow, white rappers who aren't Vanilla Ice! I'm...nostalgic for good ol' Ice right now, actually.

This is making my head hurt, actually, and it's not from the beer I had. It is making me want to drink more, though. Good thing it's after noon, maybe I will.

And they're sampling Peter Gabriel too! It's too bad that Gabriel probably didn't know what they were going to use his music for before agreeing to it (I ASSUME that they asked him first).

Please, Lord, get me a Sledgehammer! For so many reasons....

What a downer note to go out on this week. Still, the list was pretty good overall, so that's not too bad. I have a feeling I'm going to be hitting more and more rap, so I'm going to be doing more and more bitching. You've now been warned.

Thankfully, there's no wi-fi on the plane so I couldn't have done this tomorrow. If I had, this might have been the reaction.

Nothing makes a plane ride more annoying than a mob getting unruly.

You know how it is.

See you next week, at the usual time!

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  1. Can't actually listen to them now but based on titles & looking up some lyrics, just remember #2 & #3.


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