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January 16, 2011

One Hit Wonders of the 2000s (Part 7)

I had a dream last night.

No, not that one! That's from my private collection. Stupid interns, don't know how to run the memory scanner. I swear, one day they're going to do this to me.

But you know what happens when you torture the boss, don't you?

That's right. No more benefits!!!!

Well, that and no more major medical and dental. (and who hired that new guy? I don't think he fits into the office culture here. You'd better go fire him).

Anyway, it's time for this week's one-hit wonders of the 2000s! We're almost done with 2001, and we haven't even hit our stride yet.

No, no, not *that* stride! Geez.

As usual, you can find the list I'm taking these from here.

You know what? Go look if you want to. I'll wait.

Wait, come back!!!

Here we go!

#1) Moby: "South Side" (#14) (May 26, 2001)

This song features Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, which is doubtless (ha! See what I did there?) why the song actually became a hit.

Moby actually looks like he's having fun! That's actually quite the switch. I love the champagne fan that they give Gwen too. All in all, it's a rather silly video, which I don't think really fits the tone of the song, though I could be mistaken. They spend the entire song avoiding the South Side, so it doesn't make much sense to me.

Still, it's not a bad song. I'm not going to insult it, because I'm pretty sure my wife is a fan of it.

I have to sleep sometime...

2) Lil' Romeo: "My Baby" (#3) (June 30, 2001)

Wow, isn't it cool how he plays with punctuation? That apostrophe's misplaced young man!

Or maybe it isn't, and it's just replacing something else. Maybe his name's "Lily Romeo" and he didn't want a girl's name when he became famous?

Yeah, I'd go for that explanation.

Anything to avoid actually listening to this song. Jeez, he shouldn't even be *liking* girls at that age!

In fact, there's just so much wrong with this song and video that I'm just going to move on.

It's safer that way...

3) Blu Cantrell: "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" (#2) (July 21, 2001)

(Yay, Vevo!!!)

Oh, this song!!!! I remember this now. I always kind of liked the musical style of this song.

Yeah, there's nothing like the healthy break-up of a relationship, is there? Your man cheating on you? Go shopping with his card!!!!

Ummm....isn't that, like, illegal or something?

Yeah, I think it is, actually.

So let me get this straight. The guy comes home at the end, and doesn't even realize all of his stuff is gone?


Ok, there I go using logic to destroy an otherwise perfectly fun song with a unique sound. I guess I'll go to my corner now.

I swear I won't do it again!

4) Jimmy Cozier: "She's All I Got" (#26) (July 21, 2001)

(Yay, Vevo!!!)

An ode to a woman that drives you crazy. Yeah, I can dig it! You tell 'em, buddy. I'm sure all of his friends are saying things like "yo, man, get rid of her! She nags you! She complains! She pulls the phone out of its socket when you're talking on it! She's psycho-insane!"

But as long as no bunnies are boiled, I'm sure everything's going to be ok.

And poor Jimmy. He has to be one of the few R&B singers to not have sex in his videos.

I guess that was probably her fault too. Maybe under all that revealing clothing she was wearing, this is what she's like.

That can make things...difficult.

5) Incubus: "Drive" (#9) (July 28, 2001)

(Yay, Vevo!!!)

I love the animation!

Seriously, dude. Eat a sandwich or something.

This band is another one that really doesn't belong on this list, if it wasn't for the weird way Billboard does things. They've had a number of big Modern Rock hits, but because this is the only one that made the "regular" chart, they're considered a one-hit wonder.

It would be better if they gave me something to make fun of, but they don't really. They're not actually too bad, and the song is pretty good.

I'm already not good at this, and they're not providing me any material!!!!!!

I feel like this guy.

Yep, roundly ignored. That's me!!!

6) Willa Ford: "I Wanna Be Bad" (#22) (August 4, 2001)

This is the "explicit" version? Doesn't seem bad along with most of the other crap that was on MTV.

Ick. Sorry for the audio quality.

I hate to say it, but this almost sounds like Britney Spears.

So, like I said, sorry for the audio quality.

Yeah, she's super hot (hot enough to snag a hockey player. Though that's not exactly a high bar). But it's not surprising her musical career didn't take off (she posed in Playboy in 2006, which kind of tells you something). This is just the usual Pop dreck that seems to be foisted upon us by the record companies. Why did Britney make it and Willa not?

I honestly couldn't tell you. Maybe because Willa didn't go for the schoolgirl sexy look?

You want to see a major train wreck? Just look at her next song, "Did Ya Understand That."

Ok, it's all normal "Sexy Pop Dreck" (I like that phrase). Until there's about a minute left. It goes off the rails in an attempt to be hip or cutting edge or something like that.


And she married hockey player Mike Modano in 2007. Wasn't he, like, drafted the year she was born?

That's it for this week! We've got a couple of short weeks coming up, because 2001 only has 12 songs left (counting this week) and I'm not going to do a 12-song opus.

Besides, it's time to go off and watch football! You know that's my favourite sport. Especially this kind.

Yeah, women can watch the NFL for tight asses, and we can watch this for the same thing.

But before I do that, I have a confession to make.

And after that, I know how you women feel!

(Yes, I just provided another punctuation joke. I promise that will be my last one.


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  1. I remember #1, 2, 3, & 5. Lol @ your S.E. pic =P

  2. Yeah, I couldn't resist that one.

    Though I haven't had a chance to watch them yet, I know I'll be in heaven watching her fill in for Andy last week. :)


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