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March 20, 2011

One Hit Wonders of the 2000s (Part 15)

You know what they should come up with? A "Facebook" for nerds. They've already got a "Facebook" for sex partners, so why not for nerds too? They need to socialize too!

It could have status updates where you say what game you're currently playing, or what strange bit of technology you're working on. It can even have a dating area in the site where nerds can go to find their true love. Or maybe like those classifieds where you state that you saw somebody interesting and want the chance to meet up with them again.

"Was on subway. Saw you solving for XY, and I loved watching you solve Fermat's Last Theorem. Had to get off subway before I could work up courage to approach you. Are you out there? Would you handle my derivative?"

I think it would be a big hit.

(And I am a nerd, so I can tell nerd jokes, just like Russell Peters can tell Indian jokes)

Why am I thinking of this stuff on a Sunday morning instead of my usual one-hit wonders? It could have been the food served at last night's party. Or the company I was keeping.

Yeah, that would do it.

It's time for this week's one-hit wonders post! We're closing out 2004 on a high note.

No!!! Stupid interns! Not *that* kind of high!

Though, on second thought, that might make the music more palatable.

As usual, you can find the list I'm taking these from here. Don't get too eager, though, and jump ahead. One of our interns will be waiting for you.

I really should add skin conditions to the company's benefits package.

Here we go!

1) Houston: "I Like That" (#3) (August 14, 2004)

(Yay, Vevo!)

You know one of the neat things about rap and hip hop?

It's a very social form of music. They're always "singing" *with* somebody, or even two or three. Houston's got three people with him.

And they've always got people around them too! You don't see them lamenting lost loves or anything like that. It's all very positive.

See? "I like that." Houston keeps on saying that. What a positive thing to say! He doesn't say "I hate that" or something else. The women in the video are obviously very happy.

No way! It can't be fake!

I'm so disillusioned now...

2) Kevin Lyttle (featuring Spragga Benz): "Turn Me On" (#4) (August 14, 2004)

Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On by AtlanticRecords

(Youtube embedding disabled? Please!)

Must be a popular song! There are actually two videos for it, and both of them have Lyttle singing, so they must be at least semi-official.

Gotta love those high voices on the hot guys, don't you ladies? Do I detect a little Autotune as well, though? Maybe.

And I love the Jamaican rhythm too. It's got that little touch of Reggae without actually being Reggae (unless Reggae has started including weird electronic sounds as well as its normal musical tones, in which case I stand corrected!)

At least he knows what he wants, eh? He's quite specific too. Wonder if he gets that specific with his other requests.

"Honey! Make me a sandwich! Spread the peanut butter nice and slow with the knife. Then squirt that jelly on there! Yeah, you know what I like.

Oh, and don't forget the pickle"

3) Terror Squad: "Lean Back" (#1) (August 24, 2004)

(Yay, Vevo!)

You know, that Mary-Jane mentioned above is starting to sound *really* good right about now...

Ok, Terror Squad go away.

4) Los Lonely Boys: "Heaven" (#16) (August 21, 2004)

(Yay, Vevo!)

Finally!!!!! Something actually kind of good!

Ha! I get it! "Heaven" and you shoot in a church! That's a good one.

How far away is Heaven? It's a Sunday morning! That's way too metaphysical for me.

Ask me again when I've got some food in me. And a good night's sleep.

Why did this song only reach #16 while the crap above hit #1?

Let's find out.

Ah, who am I kidding. He doesn't know good music.

5) Bowling For Soup: "1985" (#23) (November 13, 2004)

(Yay, Vevo!)

This is the song I've been waiting for! There's a reason this is on my Youtube "Favorites" list so I can listen to it again and again.

This ode to 80s music and pop culture just brings back so many memories, and it helps that the song rocks as well. "When did Motley Crue become classic rock?" I hear ya, buddy!

On the other hand, the song just makes me feel old sometimes, a throwback to my high school days. "There was U2, and Blondie, and music still on MTV." Where does all the time go?

I also love the production of the video. Trying to entice the hot MILF across the street by catering to her nostalgic roots.

I'll bet that happens in a lot of garages.

Awesome video, awesome song, and that's no joke.

But I would be remiss if I didn't thank Dan Amrich (from Activision) and Palette-Swap Ninja for inspiring me to go back to this song, which I had dismissed from my head as "stupid" a few years ago. Their video game parody of the song, "Arcade Gaming Shrine" made me go back to the original as well as enjoying their song.

And now I'm hooked on both. Thanks, Dan!

6) Rupee: "Tempted to Touch" (#39) (November 20, 2004)

This is like Kevin Lyttle's song, without the squeaky voice!

Of course, any video with Salma Hayak in it can't be all bad.

You don't know her age???? In these times, that's kind of an important thing to know, isn't it? Considering how old the young ones are looking nowadays?

This is a decent song. But you know what this video has done?

It's made me want to go find that movie...

What? For the fine acting, of course!!!

7) Seether (featuring Amy Lee): "Broken" (#20) (December 18, 2004)

Seether ft Amy Lee - Broken by shermanshecapio

Amy Lee! Yeah, she's from Evanescence. Woohoo!!!

Yep, it's certainly true. Trailer parks just don't have any luck.

Some videos have a story, and others just have a theme. This seems to be some kind of post-apocalyptic trailer park where everybody's just singing and playing their instruments. There's no real reason for Lee to have black wings on (other than the fact that she looks damned good in a white t-shirt and white wings wouldn't really stand out). If she's supposed to be some sort of Angel of Death, she sure isn't acting like one.

Still, it's a cool song, and a nice way to end 2004.

Especially given all the rap we've seen lately.

And there you have it! We're almost half-done with the 2000s, and, well, let's just face it. There's been a lot of crap.

But onwards into 2005!!! I remember that New Year's Eve like it was yesterday.

Ummmm...maybe I did have too much to drink that night.

Let's just hope the music's better!

But now, I must be off.

They let me navigate!!!

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  1. Hahaha i remember all of these songs fondly!

  2. Well it may have been better then last week. (MAYBE)
    The numbers 1 thru 4 I don't know how anyone could rate them that high. Some of the lower ones were better then they were. I wrote down number 4 was the best up to that point. Some had good beats but other then that not good. When I saw the title (BROKEN) I thought boy this one sounds like it could be pretty. Guess you can't tell by a title. Funny thing was I kind of liked it except his voice was awful & the music was way TOO LOUD. Sing it slower & with just her voice it would have been kind of good. WHAT DO I KNOW/Hope next year is better.

  3. Thanks, Build!!! Or should I call you Mr. Fast?

    Mom, at least you could play them all. That's a start!

    Yeah, maybe the lead singer for Seether can't sing, but Amy Lee rocks!


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