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April 24, 2011

One Hit Wonders of the 2000s (Part 20)

Today's a special day. You know what it is I'm sure. It's that day we anxiously await every year. Kids love it so much that they skip around the yard looking for the little guys.

(Thanks to Hoboken411)

Precious little tykes, aren't they?

Yes, it's the day that you can save even more on your car insurance than usual.

What, you were expecting some other kind of saving? (and I don't think he's going to fit in those baskets, kids)

Whoops! Looks like I pissed somebody off with that joke.

And...moving on.

Welcome to this week's addition of the one-hit wonders of the 2000s! This week, we'll try to avoid burning in Hell, though given the quality of music we've seen lately, that may be preferable! We'll see.

As usual, you can find the list I'm taking these from here. Don't let me catch you looking ahead, though. If you do, fire and brimstone await.

If I can get this stupid match lit.

Here we go!

1) Nick Lachey: "What's Left of Me" (#6) (May 13, 2006)

(Yay, Vevo!)

Would this song have been popular if it wasn't for his show with Jessica Simpson? I can see who brought the talent to the family.

"We had plenty of food in the fridge, but you had to go and look at it and now it's all gone!" No wonder she's leaving him.

This video is really deep, in ways that they probably didn't even consider. First, the fact that there's a camera crew recording the whole thing between him and his girl just highlights the fact that nobody cared about him other than the reality show. Secondly, when everything fades away, including the girl, and finally the camera crew, the house is left as bare as his career.

Since I seriously doubt he's that self-aware, this all has to be by accident.

But it still works!

2) Teddy Geiger: "For You, I Will (Confidence)" (#29) (May 13, 2006)

(Yay, Vevo!)

What a sweet song! And Geiger gives hope to the geeky young guys all over that hey, even you can get the hot girl to fall for you.

If you play the guitar, and have a music studio behind you, and pay the actress well (ok, I don't know how well music videos pay, but you get the idea).

But there's still hope!!!!

Unless you're this guy.

But even then, for some reason, girls will fall for you. Is it the glasses? Because I had glasses.

Nah, it's gotta be the stapler.

3) Saving Jane: "Girl Next Door" (#31) (May 20, 2006)

Saving Jane - Girl Next Door by UniversalMusicGroup

You know, I was going to say that this video is lame.

But how can a video be lame when it has a Matrix-inspired girl fight???

I don't know. I think my ideal prom date would be having nachos with the girl next door in the back of a limo.

But that just may be me.

This is your typical "high school angst" song, but it's actually not too bad. It's very inoffensive, sort of like cheddar cheese.

Unless you're French, which means you probably are offended by cheddar cheese.

How can you not be when there's so much other good cheese out there?

Ok, why are they selling soccer balls at the Cheese Shoppe?

4) Fort Minor (Featuring Jonah Matranga): "Where'd You Go?" (#4) (June 10, 2006)

(language warning)

This isn't too bad of a song, and it's kind of poignant. Sometimes we forget about how much time people in a travelling career spend away from their families.

What I don't get is why all the comments talk about the song reminding them of loved ones who have passed away. That doesn't seem to be what the song is talking about at all.

I guess we're all affected by songs differently.

I prefer songs that have this affect on me, though.

5) AFI: "Miss Murder" (#24) (June 24, 2006)

(Yay, Vevo!)

I see he's going for the pseudo Marilyn Manson look, without the make-up.

Looks like we're getting one rock and roll song per week, which I guess isn't too bad. Too bad there was more shouting in this one than actual singing, but you can't have everything.

I once had my lips pierced like this guy does, but I wasn't a wimp like he was. I went all out, with rings lining my lips both top and bottom. I was a true metalhead.

But then my girlfriend at the time got into Magnet Therapy.

The results were, shall we say, unfortunate.

I had a crick in my neck for years.

6) The Wreckers: "Leave the Pieces" (#34) (June 24, 2006)

I had no idea Michelle Branch was in a duo before going solo. You learn something new every day! And it's even a country duo!

This is a nice song, as most country songs are. The ladies have great voices and all. Of course, the song is about a break-up.

Who would have thought?

The only one who would have been surprised by that is this guy.

He's into Rap.

And there you have it! Week 2 of 2006, and it wasn't too bad this time. See? Didn't I promise better songs this week? You know I deliver on my promises!

Though not if it's raining. And not in those shorts!

We'll be back next week, and since it won't be a holiday, I can also promise no jokes that will offend any religious sensibilities.

Just those with humorous sensibilities.

But I'd better get out of here before they come and get me.

See you next week! Maybe.

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  1. I'm sitting in a motel in Alabama listening to these songs. Not to bad a week. Number 2 I couldn't get. They say they can;t show it in our country. BUMMER. It soundefd like it might have been a good one. Now I'll never know. I guess 1 & 6 were the best. At least they were better then last week.


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